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18 September, 7 pm
Hotel Domus Maria (Grand Hall - Lectorium), Aušros Vartų g. 12, Vilnius

Lute Music with Polish Connections (c.1600)

Michał Gondko (Switzerland) - lute

European manuscript and printed sources of lute music from the decades surrounding the year 1600 have preserved for posterity a great number of polonica: pieces of music with Polish connections. The repertoire of polonica is large and its sources numerous, but most of it reaches us today with no indications as to its authorship.
However, the most ambitious Polish contributions to the repertoire of the lute are associated with the names Ambrosius Albertus (Wojciech) Długoraj (1557/1558–after 1619), Diomedes Cato (1555–1628) and Jakub Reys (around 1550–1605), as well as Kasper Sielicki (c. 1570–unknown), who was most probably a student of Długoraj and Cato’s younger colleague at the royal Polish court in Kraków.
Michał Gondko is not only one of the leading performers of the Renaissance lute today, but also one of the most famous scholars and performers of Polish repertoire. As a soloist and member of La Morra, the ensemble he founded, Michał performs regularly across Europe, the United States, China and Japan, as well as in the Middle East.

* Here you can download the concert programme.

Tickets: 15 & 10 €

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