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11 September, 7:30 pm
Sts. Johns’ Church, Šv. Jono g. 12, Vilnius

Florilegium Portense
Intabulations of motets from the Thirty Years’ War for organ duet

Aušra Motūzaitė-Pinkevičienė and Vidas Pinkevičiusorgan

The Thirty Years’ War, which engaged the whole Central Europe and divided the Protestant North from the Catholic South, took part almost entirely on German soil. However, Leipzig’s musical life continued to flourish, and many works were published during that time. One of these important musical treasures was Florilegium Portense, first published in 1618, the year that marked the beginning of the war, and it is an impressive collection of 265 motets by 58 composers.
Intabulations of vocal music for lute or keyboard instruments was a common practise in the 16th and 17th Centuries. During this process, musicians would spontaneously improvise various passages and ornamentations on the given ground of the original piece, and the pieces would gain instrumental character. Dr. Vidas Pinkevičius and Dr. Aušra Motūzaitė-Pinkevičienė will show us this practice by performing as an organ duet intabulations of motets from Florilegium Portense, as well as other contemporary works of that time.

Concert partner: Vilnius University

The concert is free of charge

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