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banchetto musicale

24-27 September
Holy Cross House, S. Daukanto a. 1, Vilnius

Gregorian chant melodies and their improvisation using fauxbourdon technique
A singing masterclass held by Jean-Étienne Langianni (France)

Fauxbourdon (false drone, meaning ‘false bass’) is an improvisation technique created out of the desire to extend the simple monodic Gregorian chant. It consists of the harmonisation of the melody through additional voices, creating different sequences of chords. This technique can be traced back to the 13th century, and is similar to traditional Corsican singing.
Jean-Étienne Langianni is a Corsican singer, composer and teacher. He is a member of Ensemble Organum, Tavagna and Seraphica. He performs at numerous festivals around the world and has recorded more than 30 albums. In addition to performing concerts of traditional, early and contemporary music, he is also a composer of polyphonic works: ‘Stella Matutina’ (a short polyphonic mass and songs in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and ‘Messa per i tempi novi’. He regularly conducts workshops of Corsican singing and polyphony, in association with Seraphica, CIRMA (Le Centre Itinérant de Recherches sur les Musiques Anciennes), Tavagna-club and Village Harmony. In his artistic work, he upholds and promotes the traditions of Corsica and the Corsican style.

We would like to inform you that the registration for active participants is closed, because we reached the maximum amount. There is still capacity for passive participants, please contact us by e-mail:

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